To give the children the competitive edge they are divided into Clubs Document

The Doon Valley Public School is always known for holistic development of each and every child, in this endeavour the students are divided into clubs (houses). To instil in them healthy competitive spirit, the school has decided to name the Clubs after the five elements of nature.

Hence, the Whole Universe is made up of five elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space. These elements maintain balance. Nature struggles constantly to maintain balance. This is Law of Nature. To imbibe in each child to live harmoniously with nature and be like one who can withstand the hardships, yet stands fiercely.

ARIES (Air) - Geared with Vivid energy

  • Marching with force
  • Be a tempest or a breeze
  • Let the thunder in you never cease

AQUA (Water) - Massive and vast, Has Powers that last

  • Gleams and glistens; Ferocious and fierce
  • Fathom your powers Act, Move the torrent,
  • Revel in the moment and aim for the stars

IGNIS (Fire)- Ignite the flame, be the Game

  • With undiminishing glaze; Stop the daze
  • Charge, set the embers ablaze

TERRA (Earth) - Patience and Majestic, Withstanding all difficulties

  • Tremors and Turbulence, Take all in your stride,
  • Be a Winner or a Conqueror with pride

DIVUM (Sky) - limitless, boundless and so divine

  • Reflects like mirror, universe entwine
  • Accept challenges that come at horizon
  • Take stance, create; Sparkle and Shine

Each house/ Club is divided into four sections, the Sub Junior Wing consists of students from Pre Nursery to UKG, , the Junior Wing consists of students from class I to V, Middle Wing consist of classes from VI to X and Senior Wing includes students from Class IX to XII. Each house/Club is headed by a Captain, a Vice Captain and two Prefects. Besides this the school also has a Head Boy and a Head Girl and a Sports Captain.

The school organizes and executes various Inter - House competitions during the academic year. All the norms for participating are informed well in advance and the winning students contribute points to their houses.