Fun 'n' Learn Area


As children love to play in water, The Doon Valley has a colourful child friendly splash pool. Water play is more than just fun. It helps in cognitive development, vocabulary building and social skills. Our pool is well maintained and we take special care of the hygiene and safety of the kids. The Pool activity is scheduled two to three times in a month.


Children need experiences that allow them to develop skills that they will need throughout life. Students eye-hand coordination and small muscle control is enhanced through the use of buckets and shovels used in sand pit makes learning fun. We provide different sizes of buckets, shovels and spoons to the children to learn and enjoy. Play games and build structures that require them to scoop up the sand and pour it into the containers. Funnels are another great way to encourage the development of both of these skills.


Ball Pool has a huge playing space so students can spend hours and have fun. With beautiful graphics and colourful balls, the Ball Pool is a great looking playing area for kids.


We, at The Doon Valley celebrate each and every festival with the students and also tell them the basic purpose of celebration.


Numerous studies have demonstrated a correlation between Stage Exposure and academic achievement. Students who took courses in drama study ,scored, on average, 55 points higher on verbal and 26 points higher on math than their non-arts classmates.

  • In addition to building social and communication skills overall, involvement in stage activities and performance has been shown to improve studentsí self-esteem as well as their confidence in their academic abilities.
  • The act of performing can help students and youth recognize their potential for success and improve their confidence.

As soon as they reach the outdoor play area, children run for the swings, slide, and climber. We can see right away that not only are they having fun, they are also using their bodies in healthy ways. In fact, they are physically rejuvenating themselves. As they use their muscles actively and breathe deeply while playing, they bring added oxygen to their muscles. All the while, their bodies produce various endorphins that have positive effects on mood and activity level.
Pulling up with hands and arms while climbing a ladder or a climbing wall builds upper body, grip, and arm strength. Climbing steps and ladders develops leg strength and coordination.


Bouncing on a trampoline will help your children to a brighter athletic future!
Because it improves many areas of co-ordination (such as balance, agility, rhythm, and timing) many athletes practice on a trampoline to enhance their motor skills. Skiers, skaters, divers, gymnasts, and even cheerleaders use the trampoline extensively. Whether students play football, baseball, basketball or tennis, a Trampoline will help them sharpen their skills. Who knows, with a Trampoline at Doon Valley, we might produce an Olympic champion.