Students who attend, The Doon Valley Public School ,for the sole purpose of preparing themselves for a life that is both rich, and is fulfilling. The Doon Valley aims at educating and grooming students who will be:-

  • Leaders in all that they do
  • Gentle with values and principles
  • Promoters of cardinal virtues of fortitude, temperance, justice and benevolence in society

To meet the above aims, The Doon Valley provides an environment that is culturally rich, intellectually stimulating and challenging as is caring to ensure excellence in character. There is scope for growth in all directions of learning. The students are groomed with a secular and international outlook. The Doon Valley classroom encourages students to enquire, to search and to learn through their own initiatives. They are closely guided by a committed faculty that directs the energies of students at the cusp of adulthood. They are also encouraged to accept responsibility from an early age. It may be in the form of a class duty or a house prefect at Junior School to larger roles in the Senior School where they have to shoulder more demanding responsibilities which involve captaining a school sports team, as house prefects or leading the house or school as monitors and captains.

The Doon Valley students are expected to perform their roles as leaders .The fullness of their responsibility lies in being fair, firm and honest in their roles. The Doon Valley sports fields foster morals that aim to raise the bar of decency, as well as the pursuit of excellence.